We've designed the site so that you can find the toys you are looking for by the manufacturer's you love. All of our manufacturers are well known for making quality, safe, non-toxic toys. Many of them have years upon years of experience and names that many of you will recognize. HABA, for example uses mainly wood taken from European forests. Maple and Beech are most commonly used in making their toys. Under the Nile uses only 100% Egyptian organic cotton to make their toys which is reassuring since nearly everything a baby gets his/her hands on inevitably makes it to the mouth. Plan toys use plantation rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis), which is recovered from old rubber trees after they no longer generate latex and are due for burning. These are just a few examples of how these companies are committed to protecting your children and their futures.

Our locally-made products are also environmentally friendly, created using non-toxic dyes and in some cases recycled materials. We hope you will be satisfied with our selection, please contact us if you have requests for additional manufacturers and we will do what we can to get the products you and your family are looking for.

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