PlanetBoxes are HERE! & We're hiring again!

Aug 07, 2013

We finally have the lunchboxes that we love, in stock, for you! They are going fast, so if you want one for 'back to school' you best get one soon! 

A plethora of lunch ideas can be found on this page. And, if you need to add some accessories for your PlanetBox please follow this link

Now, onto that other pesky bit of business. We're looking for some part-time help, again. If you are interested in applying for a position please drop your resume, and any letters of recommendation, off to our storefront. We're looking to fill afternoon shifts from 3pm-6pm and 3pm-7pm (during the holidays) as well as weekend shifts (both Saturday and Sunday). We're accepting resumes until Monday, September 2nd. You can be a part of this sweet family! 

We hope your summer is wrapping up nicely. 

Wishbone Bike

This bike is actually 3 bikes in one. It converts from a tricycle to a two wheel balance bike. It is made in New Zealand and is a very quality product. Our family has one and we LOVE it. 

Be sure to check out all of photos so you can see the three conversions. 

Ages: 1 and up

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